This is me

I’m Ironmould, I was born in 1983 in Venosa, a small town in Southern Italy, one of those towns that offer you little, but make life enjoyable. One of those towns where, if you don’t have something to be passionate about, you’re done and, if you do, you leave to run after it.

My favorite things have always included drawing, illustrating and graphic design, but also arts and paintings, cartoons and comics, computers and technology…

It all really started when I was introduced to graffiti, in far away 1997, when I started using the alias Ironmould.

My enduring interests for visual communication and technology lead me to discover new forms of art and, eventually, to strengthen my knowledge by studying Media Art at the Frosinone Art Academy.


My work is centred on the creation of articulate compositions, made up out of lines, shapes and colors, which generate animals, humanoid figures, creatures that are sometimes good, sometimes monstrous, all mixed in a vortex of liveliness and exasperation. It can be described as a continuous discovery of new levels, that give birth to new figures, in a visual crescendo.

Actual small worlds, that tell as many stories as the scenarios one is ready to see in them. The Littleworld works are an intimate vision of the world that surrounds us, my personal way to elaborate life’s most disparate circumstances, which are hidden under the shell of abstraction.

Would you like to see these works?

Projects and exhibitions


SAMAR festival – 900 metri sul tempo, collective exhibition @ Saracinesco RM (June)
Mondi Imperfetti, collective exhibition @ Torre Fornello, Ziano piacentino PC (March/April)


Metamorfosi, collective exhibition @ Spazio Cultura in Rome (March/April)
Skate Heart, collective exhibition @ Ultrablu in Rome (March)


48×50 Segnalibri, collective exhibition curated by Inward @ Fondazione Valenzi in Castel Nuovo Naples (November/December)
Solo – Street Art Italia, a book edited by Alessio Vigni, Psicografici Editore (Italy) (October)
ArtisticalMass, collective exhibition @ Up Urban Prospective Factory in Rome (May)
Solo – Illustrazione Italia Vol. 2, Psicografici Editore (Italy) (April)


Cinquanta Segnalibri, collective exhibition curated by Inward @ Sala Arturo Fittke, Trieste (July)
Sottovuoto, image for the 8th edition of the Dominio Pubblico festival in Rome (June/July)


Christmas UP, collective exhibition @ Up Urban Prospective Factory in Rome (December)
Littleworld 1643, mural for Appartengo Arte Pubblica in Stigliano (MT) (September)
Littleworld 200827, mural in Venosa (PZ) (August)
Carpe Diem Solidaire, live painting for FRM Officiel (June)
Lost People, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ Up Urban Prospective Factory in Rome (January/February)


Streetart Matera 2019, collective exhibition @ Momart Gallery in Matera (MT) (December/January)
Stars, dalla Street Art alla Space Art, collective exhibition @ Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome (September/October)
Permanent Exhibition, wall painting collaboration with Gods in Love, for Matera 2019 Foundation and Momart Gallery Matera @ Ferrandina (MT) (July)
Cables pt.2 (medley), mural for P.a.i.n.t. 2 of Poste Italiane and Pptart curated by Simona Capodimonti @ Altomonte (CS) (July)
Exit Voto, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ amaneï Salina, Santa Marina Salina (ME) (June)
Lost People, collective exhibition @ Palazzo Risolo, Specchia (Lecce) (April)

2018 > 2004


Lost Peole, collective exhibition @ Looking for Art, Milan (December)
Tecnolocrazia, wall painting @ Fingerlinks Studio in Formello (Rome) (September)
Exit Voto, collective exhibition @ Parione 9 Gallery, Badia a Ruoti, Arezzo (August)
Lost People, collective exhibition @ Abbazia di San Pietro di Badia a Ruoti, Bucine (Arezzo) (August)
Skate Heart, collective exhibition @ Snatch Club, Rome (July to December)
Manufactory Project, wall painting with Krayon @ Comacchio (FE) (June)
Ginnika 2018, collective skate exhibition @ Binario 18, Rome (June)
Cinquanta Segnalibri, collective exhibition curated by Inward @ Galleria Stradedarts, Milan (April)


Skate Heart vol.2, collective skate show @ Lamezia Terme (December)
GAU Gallerie d’Arte Urbana, collective bell glass painting @ Centocelle, Rome (November)
Skate Heart vol.2, collective skate show @ Florence Tattoo Convention, Florence (November)
Cinquanta Segnalibri, collective exhibition curated by Inward @ Mausoleo della Bela Rosin, Turin (October)
Intersos 24, wall painting with Krayon @ Intersos 24 independent humanitarian organization, Rome (October)
Fabulae at Beu-Beu Art Festival, collective show curated by Rossana Calbi @ Abbazia di San Pietro di Badia a Ruoti, Bucine (Arezzo) (August)
Urban Reaction Figure, collective show @ Macro Testaccio – The Factory, Rome (July)
Fabulae, group show, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ La Clessidra Sala Blu, Rome (July)
Worldwidewall, poster combo wall @ Macro Testaccio, Rome (April)
Eterna – Compleanno di Roma, live painting @ Eur, Rome (April)
Ermetika, collective show, @ L’alchimista Attraverso lo Specchio, Rome (March)
SchizzoFrenia, a collaboration with Marco Bruscolino for his exhibition @ Galleria 291 Est (February)


Roma Fa Paura, live painting with Krayon @ Villaggio Globale, Rome (October)
From Strip to Street 2016, collective exhibition @ Palazzo Marchesale, Arnesano (LE) (September)
Exit Voto, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ amaneï Salina, Santa Marina Salina (ME) (August/September)
Re_Acto Fest 2016, wall painting for Re_Acto and Spi Cgil Nazionale @ Paganica (AQ) (June)
Exit Voto, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ Parione9 Gallery, Rome (June)
Urban Streetart Matera, wall painting @ Matera (June)
Urban Area – A Scena Aperta, wall painting @ Guttuso” School, Ostia Lido (Roma) (June)
Urban Area – Fine Primo Atto, collective exhibition curated by a.DNA project @ Teatro del Lido, Ostia (Rome) (May)
Arte Contemporanea al Quadraro, personal exhibition curated by Alessandro Sardella and David Vecchiato @ Quintilium, Rome (February)


Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario, collective exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi @ Sacripante Art Gallery, Rome (November)
Maker Faire Rome, wall painting @ Maker Faire Rome opening (October)
Tracce Temporanee, wall painting @ Rome (October)
Textura in Fest, wall painting @ Melfi (PZ) (August)
Street Like a Rainbow 2015, wall painting @ Castellaneta (TA) (August)
In Wall We Trust, wall painting @ Airola (BN) (July)
Wired Heart for CNS, art print installation Centro Nazionale del Sangue e Atac @ Policlinico – Metro B, Rome (June)
Vendetta Capitale, collective exhibition for a.DNA project @ Crack Fumetti Dirompenti, Forte Prenestino, Rome (June)
Ginnika, collective exhibition and live painting @ Rampa Prenestina (Rome) (June)
Pigneto Città Aperta, collective exhibition @ Garage Zero, Rome (May)
Earth Day, live painting for LeCool Magazine @ Villa Borghese, Rome (April)
Cablogramma, personal exhibition curated by Antonella Perazza @ Galleria Mirada, Ravenna (March)
Urban Breath Project, wall painting in subway station Rebibbia – Metro B, Rome (February/March)
Jamais Vu, personal exhibition @ Brancaleone, Rome (February)


In Wall We Trust, wall painting @ Airola (BN)
Marte Live, live painting @ Macro Testaccio, Rome
Officine Villane, wall painting for Nuove Officine Generali @ Cassino (FR)
RUM (Roma Undergound Movement), live painting @ Gasometro, Rome
Urban Portrait for aDNA, collective exhibition @ Volturno occupato, Rome
Parade, Presso Accanto Oltre l’Amore, illustration Book by Lab.aquattro, Circasette, Tentacoli, (Italy)
Marte Live, live painting @ ex Alpheus, Planet, Rome


PatchBox Project for Elsewhere Factory, collective exhibition @ Cargo, Rome
RUM (Roma Undergound Movement), live painting @ Circolo degli Illuminati, Rome
In Wall We Trust, live painting @ Palazzo Montevergine, Airola (BN)
Urban Area for aDNA, wall painting @ Volturno Occupato, Rome
Be My Toys Festival, collective toys exhibition and live painting @ Paris (France)
Squame/Écailles Magazine, #BeMyToys issue (France)
LeCool Anniversary, live painting @ Animal Social Club, Rome
VSF Europa – Veterinaires Sans Frontieres, live painting @ Sant’Egidio Square, Rome
LeCool Magazine, Cover & interview (Italy)
Urban Area for aDNA, wall painting @ Cineteatro Preneste, Rome


Web Radio Rai, live painting of 10 Urban Contest artists for Rai, via Asiago, Rome
Urban Contest Exhibition, collective exhibitions @ Lanificio 159, Rome
Creazina Magazine, interview (Italy)
1 Color 4 Planet Earth, Fourth classified in a Mokhalab contest and related exhibition, Rome
Cantinando VII, wall painting, Barile (PZ)
Draw Black, a Frontier Creative Challenge, exhibitions in Milan (Italy), Santa Fe and San Diego (USA), Auckland (New Zealand)
Roma Vintage, live painting, Rome
Urban Contest, live painting @ San Lorenzo Estate, Rome
Crackpocalypse, Crack Fumetti Dirompenti @ Forte Prenestino, Rome
Squame/Écailles Magazine, #4 issue, Game Over (France)
Lumen Project, winner of the poster contest Assalti – An empty wall is a creative call of Lumen project, Salerno
Disney Mini Figure World, collective toys exhibition by Play Imaginative @ Suntec City Mall (Singapore)
Arterock, wall painting and collective exhibition @ Orion Club, curated by LArtePiù and MArteLive, Ciampino Rome
Pinna, the realese!, exhibition/presentation of custom toys based on Pinna @ La Lucciola & La Luna, Pomezia (RM)
Muro Libero, collective exhibit on a free wall @ Laszlo Biro, Rome
99Arts, collective exhibition @ Teatro Tenda Strisce, curated by LArtePiù and MArteLive, Rome


Monsters and Cuties, custom toys show @ Squid Ink shop, Rome
Toys in Town, collective toys exhibition @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome
Toys in Matrioska, toys exhibition & live painting @ MatriosKa, Rome
SubVersion Toys, collective toys exhibition @ Strike S.P.A, Rome
Squid Ink Munny Contest #1, collecvtive toys exhibition @ Squid Ink, Rome
Credo nel Sesso e nel Decesso, personal exhibition @ Moody Contemporary Club, Trastevere, Rome

2010 > 2004

Sketch Session, sketch exhibition @ Battipaglia (Sa)
Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, Martin Dawber, Anova Books, (United Kingdom)
Arte e’ Potere, video and installation @ Castello Estense, Ferrara
XX Porticato Gaetano, painting exhibition @ Pinacoteca Comunale of Gaeta (Lt). I received the plaque “Nicola Magliocca”
Do Not Cross Crime Scene, project/happening on Rai 3, episode XXII, Art News. (21 March 2009)
Stone Magazine, issue n.19 (Germany)
Il volo, un sogno tra passato presente e futuro @ Aereoporto militare “ 72° Stormo”, Frosinone
Trans Culture, video exhibition @ FHP Potsdam, School of Architecture, Potsdam, Berlin
Artsblog Magazine, interview (Italy)
Digit Mag, issue n.111 (United Kingdom)
Gruppo 11 – Arte Okkupa, collective exhibition @ 47thFloor, Rome
Computer Arts, issue n.67 (Italy)